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FAQ and Disclaimers

Frequently Asked Questions

 What material are the products made from?

All Dream Bunny Bedding products are made from fabrics consisting of 100% polyester knit, 100% woven cotton and 100% cotton flannel. 

Pillow inserts are made of 95% feather / 5% down filling with a 100% cotton down and feather proof cover.

How should I wash my Dream Bunny Bedding products?

To preserve the color and shape of Dream Bunny Bedding products, it is recommended to machine wash them with like colors only (or alone) on a gentle cycle in cold water with a non-chlorine bleach detergent, tumble dry on your lowest heat setting and do not iron.

Spot treat area if any spills, allowing product to soak in a bit of cool water, if needed, then follow the above care instructions.

Do not machine wash feather/down pillow inserts.

**When washed for the very first time after purchase, the above care instructions are highly recommended. If desired, products may be washed by hand. 

How big are the blankets?

Blankets are typically a finished measurement of about 42" x 34". We found this size lays nicely over a crib/toddler bed mattress, allows for plenty of cuddle coverage as your little bunny grows and is perfect laid out on the floor to practice tummy time or play with all their favorite toys!

How big are the loveys?

Loveys are typically a finished measurement of about 25" x 20". This generous size allows our loveys to be used as small blankets for naptime, a cover when your little bunny is in their car seat or stroller and perfect for play and cuddle time! 

 Where are Dream Bunny Bedding products made?

All finished products are handmade with lots of love in the United States, in sunny Florida! 

As nothing is perfect and some things are out of one's control, since these products are handmade, please understand minor defects may be present. Each product is quality checked during creation and upon completion. Should there be any major issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our team at info@dreambunnybedding.com.

How do I leave a review once I've received my Dream Bunny Bedding product(s)?

Reviews and referrals are the BEST form of advertisement! And we love to hear how much you and your little bunnies love your Dream Bunny Bedding product(s) and see you share our brand with your family and friends.

Once you've placed an order, an email is triggered to send after product delivery. This email will come from an app called Judge.me. When you receive this email, you are able to enter a detailed review on each specific product, as well as a star-rating. These reviews will be sent back to us and published on our website under the specific product. These reviews are important for us to see how our customers are feeling and also for our potential customers to see real, actual reviews from someone who has our products.

We also love to see your pictures on Instagram and Facebook. So if you post a photo of your little bunny please tag us @dreambunnybedding on Instagram or Dream Bunny Bedding on Facebook. *Keep in mind, if your page is private we will not be able to see your posts or stories. In this case, you can send us a message with a screenshot of the post or story, or just the picture itself and we'll post it to our page.

If you have any questions about reviews please email info@dreambunnybedding.com for further information.

I am an Influencer, how can I work with Dream Bunny Bedding?

We'd be thrilled to discuss any potential relationships with new Influencers!

Please email info@dreambunnybedding.com for further information.



Since all Dream Bunny Bedding products are handmade, there may be slight variations in size, design or color from what may be seen in product images online. Different monitors/screens may also have a slight affect on the coloring of the actual product.



All Dream Bunny Bedding products should be used with the appropriate supervision of a responsible adult.

Always place infant on their back to sleep, never on their tummy or side. 

Dream Bunny Bedding products are not intended to be used as infant/children's sleepwear.

Dream Bunny Bedding Teethers, Pacifier Clips and any products baby may put in their mouth, should only be used with the appropriate supervision of a responsible adult. Should any part of the item seem unsafe, come loose, break off, etc., discontinue use immediately.